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Vitamine is devoted to serving the crypto mining industry.We are on a mission to aid decentralized hash rate growth and improve efficiency and sustainability of deployments.


VITAMINE aiming to constructing our own crypto mining farm in North America, Russia and Southeast Asia. Owning mining farm is the ultimate goal of every crypto mining company's development. In other words, it is exactly a powerful strength as a qualified world class mining company that possess our own crypto farm.

What VITAMINE does?

Mining Equipment and Parts Procurement

VITAMINE is not only one of the largest bitcoin mining equipment dealers with privilege discounts from most brand manufacturers, but also an exclusive distributor of ETH-power miner in North America. Moreover, VITAMINE has a wide range of parts supply inventory to support major ASIC mining machines.

ASIC Miner Repair Services

VITAMINE has a repair hub and a team of certified technical engineers in the North America, providing professional and efficient ASIC miner repair service to our customers with no extra diagnostic fee.

Mining Farm Maintenance and Due Diligence

VITAMINE provides crypto mining farm hosting and management services, include daily crypto farm inspection and dealing with emergency situations.

VITAMINE also provide consulting service to our clients who want to build their own crypto mining farm. Furthermore, we delegate our professionals to do on site investigation and generate reports for clients on the aspect of electricity inspection, site design and optimization, and construction cost & time evaluation.

Why choose VITAMINE?

Less Heat
Less Electricity
More Hash Power
More Profit
Longer Lifespan
Higher Resale Value
Easy Installation
Better Stability

Invested by IMO Ventures & BYTESYNC

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